Sunday, 14 January 2018

it's 2018!

assalamualaikum and hi peeps.

alhamdulillah, for the few months i'd been missing from my blog, now i've done my semester 1 of degree life! yes, that's the reason why i didn't post any entry for the past few months. i was so busy like i didn't even get much time to rest, eat properly, and even watch movies (?) of course. i had  a lot of assignments, quizes, tests, presentations, interviews and so forth. the due date of submission of all of them were very close and sometimes those were clashed. and it screwed me up. at the same moment, i had a guy that i used to love every single day and no one would ever knows how much i love him. but everythings turned wrong. just bcs he had a habit that it can be considered as no girls would like the way he act when he was angry. that was the main reason why i can't make it. he might thought that i didn't love him, that's why i act like i'm okay if we're not together. actually, he's wrong. it is not that easy to move on. lots of things that we had been through together, lots of memories even it was just 5 months but it means a lot to me. then i told myself, "ainn, you should move on. you deserve better and he deserves someone who just like him. leave everythings to Allah, and everythings will be okay. trust Him." alhamdulillah i feel a lil bit better then before. i'm hoping that he's gonna find someone better than me. i hope he's okay :')

studies problems? yeah, a lot. sometimes it might be the way i learn, just can't understand. but i tried to get myself understand about my studies, i asked my friends. i learnt from them. and now i'm hoping that i would get flying colours! pray for me too okay hihi :) even though i had depression about my studies, my problems, alhamdulillah Allah heard my prays. i managed to get myself lots of patience bcs like people said, "tomorrow is gonna be better then yesterday." i tried to overcome the troubles i had, then the goods will surely come. just keep yourself and faith on Allah SWT. He knows which is the best for His servants. 

As shown above, Allah wants us to put the patience into ourselves. Allah never said the road would be easy. But He said, "I will be with those who have patience." so no matter either you had tons of work to do, lots of problems that you'd faced, put your trust on Allah that everything happened must be a reason that He wants us to learn. this is life, guys. be strong and just go with the flow of your life. insyaAllah everything will go smoothly.

Friday, 6 October 2017

where's the entry?

assalamualaikum and hi guys.

i know, 3 months already haha so fake when i told myself that i'm gonna write an entry at least once a week. so sorry dearself, bcs i'm so busy since my last entry. got a lot of things to do such as preparations for my studies which i furthered to UniSZA. then i was busy handling some preparations for my very eldest's wedding, my only one sister! <3 alhamdulillah, on 15th september 2017, she's married with her choice, Abang Shafiq. congrats both of you, and welcome bro to our family! oh yah, back to my first point, before the wedding was held, i was busy with my new surroundings of degree life muahaha. nak sangat sambung degree kan, nak hambik kau first and second weeks are so challenging. too busy, i can't even get my good quality of sleep and i got two cutie panda eyes as a reward *big claps*

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

my toy


hi everyone. how's your day? is everything cool? i hope everything went well. alhamdulillah i feel better than few days ago bcs i had a fever after i came back from Perak (my cousin's wedding) so it's already a month and half i guess since i finished my diploma and now i'm really enjoying my holiday like eat, watch some movies, dramas, sleep, do some home works and repeat again and again for everyday. it's quite boring actually bcs i keep repeating the same routine. but somehow, i figured out how to spend my holiday wisely. i have a guitar which i bought it on 11th of January this year. "wow impressive bcs you still remember the date very well" nahh actually i wrote it in my phone's memo haha. at that time, i was in my fifth semester holiday, i was bored so i decided to buy an acoustic guitar bcs i love guitar so much. i bought this acoustic guitar at RM325 including the guitar bag and pick.

obviously this is not my guitar, just for decoration.

At first, it's not my first choice to buy this instrument. i do love guitar but i think i love piano keyboard as well. but it is a little bit expensive compared to guitar and it is hard to carry from place to place since i was still studying. then i bought the guitar which i can bring it everywhere i want even to my hostel! i can play it at beach instead of home all the time. i think i made a good decision haha! but still i want to buy the piano keyboard ahaha what is this ainn. but don't worry, not now. maybe someday, insyaAllah (pray for me hihi)

Some people want me to do some covers of songs that quite famous lately, but sorry i don't think i can make it for now bcs i'm just a beginner. i'm still working on some songs like Say You Won't Let Go by James Aurthur, Imagination by Shawn Mendes, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, and few songs more. i'm not good in playing guitar since i'm not taking any classes so i just practice on my own, everyday-but-so-not-everyday at home. i used to watch some covers and tutorials in Youtube, that's all. so wish me luck okay. if you guys have any suggestions on what songs that i should try to play, just let me know. oh yes, do follow my twitter @ainnyusri and my instagram @ainnnyusri (kasi chance la akak nak promote ni haha) okay, that's all, till we meet again.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

it has been years, isn't?


hi. i know it's a little bit weird bcs out of nowhere, without telling anyone, here i am! i'm back as a blogger after few years i've been leaving this blogging world. if i'm not mistaken, i was in this blogging world since high school, 2011 i guess. dah lama, cuma menyepi kejap bcs i need to focus on my studies in high school (kejap ape dah habis diploma dah baru start balik 😂) after i finished my high school studies, i furthered my studies at UniSZA. "wait, UniSZA? i've never heard it before, where is it?" well as you guys know, todays' technologies or internet have a very useful website which we used to call it Google. so you can do a lil bit research about this university. it is interesting, isn't? of course not haha chill okay, i'm just kidding (but you better do it haha) oh anyway, i'm sorry for my broken english, but i don't care actually bcs this blog is belong to me teehee.

so in case you guys already forgot who i am, here is a picture of me (for those who have been forgetting me from this blogging world eheh) kk i'm joking. nobody's missing me right now hahha just accept the facts la!

oh yeah since we're still in Syawal month, i think it is not too late for me to wish you all a very Happy Eid everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin ❤️ for those who know me, i'm so sorry for all my wrongdoings since the first time we know each other, that might hurt your feelings, mad at you or else. from the bottom of my heart, i'm truly sorry. wish that we could be better in our friendship, insyaAllah ❤️ if you're aware, how fast the time has passed, right? in a blink of an eye, it's already 2017 and here i am, a sweetie 20 years old girl, who is going to further her studies for degree. wish me luck! the faster the time has passed, the more we age, the higher our maturity level, let's be the better person than before, shall we? ☺️

so eventually, Happy Eid again! i didn't expect that i could write this so-not-long-essay entry bcs i just wrote what has crossed my mind aha! insyaAllah i'll try to keep in touch through my upcoming entries. for all school students, welcome back to school, raya dah habis haha. for those IPT students that are enjoying your sem holiday or what so ever, happy holiday. thank you for spending your time reading my entry, so see you soon.